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Patrick Ngan

Executive Director

Frank Sun

Project Manager

Lewis Liu

Project Manager

Nevis Wang

Project Manager

Welcome to meet Our Team!


Professionalism in construction is one of our arms; professionalism in associated field is another arm.  Together, we supply market’s increasing demand on professionalism from a Construction Company.


Being an experienced construction team with architect, surveyor, project manager, technical manager, contract manager, site supervisor…etc., with strengths in:

-          Construction Management,

-          Prefabrication Work,

-          Statutory Compliance,

-          Design Development,

-          Quality Assurance,

we have been developing specialised experience in Retail, Office, Residential & Communal sectors.


We look forward to meeting you in the nearest future!

Renee Cheng

Project Manager

Vitus Man

Managing Director

Herman Chan

Project Director

Patrick Hong

Executive Director

Ben Poon

Executive Director

Edmond Lee

Executive Director